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Given that I have a CD to plug based on my own audioblog, I thought I'd do a post about the "songs that didn't make it." The trick is putting together a compilation isn't simply what to put's dealing with the fact that you won't get everything you want. Some labels charge too much, others simply refuse to clear certain songs, etc. etc. When I began the process of assembling Soul Sides Vol. 1, I had...maybe 20 songs? That got whittled down to 16 but then, as we were going through the clearance stage, we lost a solid handful of songs that would have otherwise made the final cut.

Of that batch, it was most painful to me to lose the Al Green song (Hi Records simply wanted far too much for it) since it was one of the first songs I knew I wanted on there. It's long been one of my very, very favorite Green tracks - a rarely heard B-side cut from '74 that sounds like it should have been on one of his popular 1971/72 albums instead. Not only is the music lush and affecting but Green puts on an amazingly deep vocal performance. Who knows - maybe we can get this on a future volume?

The next two tracks were cut because they're owned by Universal, which refused to license any songs to us - I don't know if it was for money or other issues but in one fell swoop, that cost us at least 3 songs since Universal owns what feels like half the known music universe. In any case, the Dee Dee Warwick was a song I always liked but Kevin Drost, the guy at Zealous Records who basically put this CD together for me, REALLY liked it and I was more than happy to see it included. Dee Dee is Dionne's younger sister and - surprise, surprise - a lot less famous even though she clearly has some killer vocal power at her disposal. This song obviously depends on a lot of repetition but I like how it builds drama through that technique.

Last but not least, it was also painful to lose Eddie Kendricks - his People...Hold On (which is where this song comes off of), is one of the finest soul albums of the 1970s in my opinion. There's not a single bad song on there and "Date With the Rain" isn't necessarily even the best song (I picked it for the comp because it went better with it fellow selections) but it is most definitely a great one. If you really want a treat, track down the disco remix 12" by DJ Dmitri of this song - it is the best thing you'll ever hear.